The Importance of Application Portfolio Assessment

22 Nov

The managing of application portfolio is something that enterprises are keen after its introduction in the 1990s. The benefits of managing applications in enterprises became more obvious with the challenges posed by the Y2K bug. Since then, the need for application assessment has never gone down. In fact, assessing the applications for enterprises has become more important in keeping a better leverage for businesses. When enterprises accumulate applications, there is this tendency the systems will be found redundant, obsolete, or a threat to the business security. There are times that the applications may provide little to no value to the enterprise. When companies started to manage their applications, it has become more challenging. Good thing there are templates on which the assessment of the application portfolio can be done in an easier fashion compared to earlier times.

Software maintenance costs are one of the biggest problems in any enterprise. With the pressure of modernizing legacy applications, introducing systems, and the merger of the systems, application portfolio assessment has become an important thing with enterprises. It is difficult to manage the updating or maintenance of software. Nearly all big organizations today are using application portfolio assessment protocols to help in the determination on which software can bring better value to the company and help the enterprise grow.

The principal use of an application portfolio is basically like how one is using a financial portfolio. One is able to look at a glance the applications being used by the enterprise. It might include the applications being used in administration, distribution, advertising and marketing, finance, inventory management, and even customer service. Check CAST Highlight to learn more.

The use of templates in application portfolio assessment helps the enterprise to get a better picture. A detailed feedback on the suite of applications across all areas of the enterprise and those areas identified before hand. The solution entails a clear and compact overview of the applications in the portfolio. In this light, the enterprise can move to plan and identify what areas need to be improved on. By creating the right benchmarks, there is a possibility of having a better plan for the enterprise in terms of acquiring better software that can help improve the performance of the enterprise and perhaps help in pushing the levels of productivity towards significant heights. For more info, view here!

The template being used in managing application portfolio is a means to know where to start and where the enterprise is headed in terms of improving the suite of software being used. Visit for other references.

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